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I love to motivate people because when no one stands with you, you need to believe yourself and motivation can build that believe. My videos may become that source and can motivate you to live a better life. I’m working in this field since 2001 and I make motivational content for you to always feel a hand by your side.

Overcome Fear Part 01 [Types of Fears]

Fear is a very natural part of human emotions and people find it hard to overcome fear in various stages of life because it comes unannounced.

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Overcome Fear Part 02/06 [How to overcome fear of exam]

We’ve failed to notice but fear roots in us when we lack confidence about anything.

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How to overcome fear of doing Business by Immykhan

A businessman is backed by the fear of starting a business, introducing something new to their business.

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How to Overcome Fear of Death by Immykhan

Many shocking or unfamiliar experiences give birth to the thought or fear of death in an individual’s mind.

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