How My journey started and move ahead.

Falling down moving up again, waiting for your turn, struggling in life, low days-happy days and many more feelings. I have also gone through all this and it is the real essence of life. I can’t walk on your path neither I can make that path short but my words might make that path easy for you to walk for you to enjoy and bare the problems.

And as soon as discovered, he constantly stored resigning from his consolation region and to percentage the name of the game of his fulfillment with the whole global. it's far this very urge of helping humans and doing something desirable for the society that inspired him to take the initiative of converting human being’s lives within the form of "unfastened life-converting Seminars and classes".

No marvel human beings connect to him and his mission of 'Sharing' is now being actively propagated and practiced by thousands and thousands. it's miles his diligent consciousness, the exceptional aid of his own family and the religion of his team that keeps him going.


Risk taught me to stand firm in my life I succeeded I failed but what I learned is to accept my failure. The roller costar of my life started when I was in my 12th standard in the year 2001 I started taking tuitions to support my family financially and to handle my own expense. I love to motivate and make my surrounding fill with positive mind form that day only I started my first step as a motivational speaker I used to motivate my students for better results and to make them believe that they can achieve whatever they want in their life I used to take weekly classes on motivational speaking for my students. Second phase of my life started in the year 2008 when I started my career as a real-estate agent and property dealer but the initial year of my career was not sound but I got a big boom in the year 2009 when I sold my biggest property at that time also, I use to motivate people as my part time work for free of cost. Another phase of my life was when I use to work for talk America that was the most crucial and hardworking phase of my life where I use to work for 23hrs per day but that was the time where I was feeling empty from within as my body need rest know and was asking for it per day and this time I motivated myself and left the job and focused on my health but that was just the starting of a big blow the wave was yet to hit and it hit me when I lost my biggest support my father in the year 2011 that was the most declining and devastating phase of my life I was the demotivated a lot but this time also I motivated myself to stand firm and work again I started my career again this time it was a well going phase know but in the year 2014 I had gone through a big loss and was again stating bare hands but being a fighter I again started but this time I invested in crypto and took the biggest risk in my life and invested all that I have in crypto and got a big boom in that and till today I am working as a crypto investor and a speaker. I use to teach people about crypto and its investment. The day when first time I started to speak on stage about crypto the people present were only 9 but the journey from 9 to 12,00 listeners taught me a lot. I love to motivate people work for them I only share my real-life lessons with people as I know that life is the biggest motivator and the biggest teacher and that’s what I focused on and I motivate people taking their problems as my own and motivating them to stand firm in every situation. The only hand which helped me was that I can and I will and that’s what are my vides about.

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Worked as an educator

Worked as a real-estate agent

Worked in the modeling field

Worked as a crypto investor

Motivating people since 2001

Listed in coinmarketcap

Bitether and THS creator

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