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I’m Imran Khan

Have faith in your journey everything has happen exactly as it did to get you To where you are going next.

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In life you have to take part in many small battles, some you might win and some you might loss, but if you any of them just remember you are making yourself ready for the biggest battle which you have to win. I am a life coach and write only on the basis of what my life taught me, here is a small description about myself.

Falling down moving up again, waiting for your turn, struggling in life, low days-happy days and many more feelings. I have also gone through all this and it is the real essence of life. I can’t walk on your path neither I can make that path short but my words might make that path easy for you to walk for you to enjoy and bare the problems..
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I wore my scars as my medals, I failed but I told myself that it was my first attempt in trying. My life taught me that to move towards the top you have to climb many stairs and I’m still in that process. These blogs and articles are the smaller presenters of my life.