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Imran Khan Nagori is an entrepreneur, life coach and a motivational speaker based in Ahmedabad. Known for delivering hard-hitting and inspiring speeches, he has created a positive impact on people's lives with his powerful words. The businessman has got multiple ventures and is associated with many businesses.
He is the Founder of MAKS Technologies Ltd, London, Founder & CEO of THS Mining Ltd, UK, Founder of Bitether – the first-ever CMC listed cryptocurrency in India. Moreover, he is the founder at MAK International, owner of Parshwa Greens Residency in Ahmedabad and merger appraiser and partner of TNC IT Group in Dubai and many more.

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The most successful leaders know that their success hinges more on their team’s performance than their own. Leaders are no longer individual contributors and will not be assessed that way. They are held accountable for others’ actions and results, as well as their own, and must take accountability for team outcomes – the good and the bad. By training leaders on this important distinction, you can ensure that they will be capable of defining accountabilities and rigorously holding direct reports to those commitments, so that everyone can succeed and produce the results they need.

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